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Solar Energy Sytems in California

ElectriCare Inc., Solar Power in Action!™

ElectriCare Inc. is a solar installation contractor focused on B2B partnering with residential and commercial solar sales organizations in Southern California.

We make solar installation easy!  With a professional installation partner, you can start saving from day one.  You focus on sales, we focus on perfect installations. Your residential and commercial customers deserve one of the best solar installers in California!

From Site Inspections, Design, Engineering, Interconnection Management, Full  Installation and  Inspection, we provide the full spectrum of Operational solutions to your solar installation contracts.

Sunpower Authorized Dealer.

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Use our professional installation services and save thousands of dollars!


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“For over 15 years we kept our promises to our customers, not our investors. And we’ll keep on doing that!”   – Eddie Haro, President & CEO